Monday, 18 January 2010

New Year doood.

Bit late on it all but what's new about that? I haven't posted on here, or any of my blogs in fact, in an absolute age! It's quite shocking! But yea, Christmas has come and gone and it was nice and stuff. My laptop has broke and been fixed between the last time I blogged and now which was quite a bit ago D: January modules have also come and gone in the past week and no more thinking about them until March, yes? Yes.
I'm going to run away to Sweden in the summer for at least a week with my limited knowledge of Swedish :D Also, I really want an Indian baby, if someone could get me one, I'd be grateful!
I mean, GOD, I've even been to England and back since my last blogging. :( I have neglected you muchly little blog o' mine. I would go into details about it all but I'd probably just bore the pants of you so let me conclude with this picture I took today. Sandy says one of the As are missing (it's obviously meant to be Adam's) but I feel this is better suited.

"You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try" - Beverly Sills

Monday, 21 September 2009

corrupted in transmission stage

Basically since my last post, quite a lot has changed and it would be around a 50:50 good to bad ratio. I'm back in school and already falling behind on homeworks but ah well. Once I get things sorted I'll be going to England at October half term to meet mah BFF :D My dad is driving around anddddddd I think that's all the good stuffs?
Now the bad. I've realised how much a few people meant to me and now I've lost them and certain things are just so hard now. They made me look forward to things but now I dread it. I also have no job and no drive to get one because I'd just fuck that up if I somehow managed to get one. And there's a whole pile of things that make me want to sit in the corner and cry about so I won't post about here.

tl;dr - I hate change and can't deal with it.

Friday, 7 August 2009


So what have I been up to this past while? My dad's got out of hospital and is enjoying being back home to say the least xD I've just really been going up to see him near enough everyday and going to Tesco and such for him. We also used to do some grocery shopping! Was a really fun evening!
I think I have swine flu :( My nose is bollocksed up, my throat is going that way and I'm rather feverish. I'll check it once I return from going out. I have priorities right :D I knew I should've worn my face mask in public.
Yesterday I went to Belfast with Caroline purely for H&M. It was rather enjoyable especially when we walked around in circles trying to find Victoria Square! Then we ended up sitting outside City Hall playing Uno and getting smiles from old people walking past which was rather nice. And yeah, we just did the usual random crap and I got a manbag even if it isn't the one I'd wanted.
Today I'm being forced to apply for jobs at TK Maxx and Matalan and I'm just like DO NOT WANT. Mostly because the majority of stuff in TK Maxx is made out of some horrid material that I instinctively throw away if I touch it. And I think for TK Maxx you need references which I really don't have access to in the middle of summer. Oh well, how sad! I do want a job, just preferably with food and/or books.
Also, never eat nothing but sweets for basically 24 hours.
Anddd that's about it, I think?

Weelow can have quotes, I can have better ones!

"Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong." - Oscar Wilde

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Swine flu and dreams

Quite simply, I don't want it. I'm not one of them stupid buggers that are going on about getting it before it mutates because there's so many things wrong with that idea. Like, what if you're the one it mutates in? Or even better, if it mutates, it changes form so you can still get it then. So don't get me started on that again, I've already had rants at people about it (:
Continuing on swine flu, my uncle (a social worker in Leicester, not the one here) and my sister's flatmate both have it! And both my sister and my aunty are coming over this weekend. No prizes for guessing what makes me worried. Though, my aunt has been in France since he was diagnosed and my cousin lives in a flat in town so I think she has to stay with him. xD And my sister has to stay with someone from work until she comes over here. She was at work when she got told so she has to go home later to get her stuff. And know them schoolchildren in China that got put in quarantine? Jenna (friend of mines who lives in Canterbury) was one of them! She says it was hell and that they got chicken head lunches! I am interested in what the media wasn't telling us about it srsly.
My dreams are getting kinda messed up, not that they weren't before but still. I was in Canada visiting my friend Lu (he's a Frenchie) and I went to the toilet and when I came out, I was going back downstairs when I thought I should ask him if we were going to see his dogs at his dad's house. I don't know how I deduced it, but he was watching ice cream porn and was wanking to it. (no, I didn't see this in my dream, just heard it) I didn't even eat cheese last night! I do have mad dreams.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Funky feet

My feet be super cool

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Places I wanna see

Because there's nothing like making lists that occupies me completely. And this site lacks the cut function so HA. I'm going to travel the world with Dan (:<3 Also, spot the history nerd xD

France - Paris
Germany - Berlin, Munich
Austria - Vienna
Belgium - Brussels
Netherlands - Amsterdam
Italy - Rome, Venice
Poland - Warsaw, Krakow
Czech Republic - Prague
Hungary - Budapest
Sweden - Stockholm
Finland - Helsinki
Greece - Athens
Russia - Moscow
Ukraine - Chernobyl

Australia - Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne
New Zealand - Auckland, Wellington

China - Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai
South Korea - Seoul, Incheon, Panmunjom
Japan - Tokyo, Hiroshima
Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur
Singapore - Singapore
Thailand - Bangkok
Vietnam - Hanoi, My Lai, Ho Chi Minh City
India - Mumbai
Taiwan - Taipei
UAE - Dubai, Abu Dhabi
Turkey - Istanbul

Egypt - Cairo
Tunisia - Monastir
South Africa - Cape Town, Johannesburg

South America
Brazil - Rio
Argentina - Buenos Aires

Cuba - Havana, Guantanamo
Jamaica - Kingston
Puerto Rico - San Juan

North America
Mexico - Mexico City
Canada - Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Halifax
USA - New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Phoenix, San Diego, Washington DC, Denver, New Orleans, Portland, Philadelphia, Boston, Milwaukee, Las Vegas

another blog?!

Why not! From (possibly lack of) knowledge gained from others, this site doesn't let for f-locked posts so it shall be seconded by Livejournal/Dreamwidth but still used possibly if I can allow for uncontrolled viewing. Heh, that makes me sound paranoid but still. This blog shall more than likely get Livejournal entries edited for general release so yeah. Think that's it?