Friday, 7 August 2009


So what have I been up to this past while? My dad's got out of hospital and is enjoying being back home to say the least xD I've just really been going up to see him near enough everyday and going to Tesco and such for him. We also used to do some grocery shopping! Was a really fun evening!
I think I have swine flu :( My nose is bollocksed up, my throat is going that way and I'm rather feverish. I'll check it once I return from going out. I have priorities right :D I knew I should've worn my face mask in public.
Yesterday I went to Belfast with Caroline purely for H&M. It was rather enjoyable especially when we walked around in circles trying to find Victoria Square! Then we ended up sitting outside City Hall playing Uno and getting smiles from old people walking past which was rather nice. And yeah, we just did the usual random crap and I got a manbag even if it isn't the one I'd wanted.
Today I'm being forced to apply for jobs at TK Maxx and Matalan and I'm just like DO NOT WANT. Mostly because the majority of stuff in TK Maxx is made out of some horrid material that I instinctively throw away if I touch it. And I think for TK Maxx you need references which I really don't have access to in the middle of summer. Oh well, how sad! I do want a job, just preferably with food and/or books.
Also, never eat nothing but sweets for basically 24 hours.
Anddd that's about it, I think?

Weelow can have quotes, I can have better ones!

"Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong." - Oscar Wilde

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