Monday, 21 September 2009

corrupted in transmission stage

Basically since my last post, quite a lot has changed and it would be around a 50:50 good to bad ratio. I'm back in school and already falling behind on homeworks but ah well. Once I get things sorted I'll be going to England at October half term to meet mah BFF :D My dad is driving around anddddddd I think that's all the good stuffs?
Now the bad. I've realised how much a few people meant to me and now I've lost them and certain things are just so hard now. They made me look forward to things but now I dread it. I also have no job and no drive to get one because I'd just fuck that up if I somehow managed to get one. And there's a whole pile of things that make me want to sit in the corner and cry about so I won't post about here.

tl;dr - I hate change and can't deal with it.